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Will your website will bring in new business?


A Website is not Advertising.

It’s a salesperson. It helps close sales. A website won’t bring in new sales until they find your site. People who go to websites are already interested in your product or service, they’re looking for the reason to buy. The power of a well created website is that this silent salesperson will work for you 24/7 and it can be revisited as many times as needed day or night.


What are New Customers Looking for at Your Website?

One word. INFORMATION. Anything and everything that will help them feel comfortable in buying from you.


What should your Website Look Like?

Simple, clean and easy to navigate, allowing the eye to find information easily with a strong headline that leads into the website.

Body copy that gives them information. “What’s in it for me?” What they get versus what you offer is an extremely important copy position.

After the homepage sets the stage, each subsequent page will be more specific and with more detail.

Never put everything on one page. Not everyone is interested in everything.

Use the navigation bars to reveal different subjects and lead them to areas that they area interested in. Navigation bars are the like chapter headings in a book.


SEO Search Engine Optimization

One huge misconception is that as soon as you put up your site, new business will just start rolling in. But only way a new customer will find you is if they are looking for you or your product by using a search engine. Search Engine Optimization simply means making your website “search friendly” to be found. Search Engines have changed the way searches are returned. The older methods of SEO are no longer as effective.

Keywords are the words or phrases that a web viewer uses to search. Keywords must be connected to your website in a way that will “match up” when using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. We develop behavioral keywords, a simple yet effective method of getting real world keywords.


We will make your web site accountable

We will show you...

  • How Many Visits Your Site Gets Each Day, Week, Month, Year, or even Hour
  • How Visitors Found Your Site (through which search engine and what keywords)
  • What Pages are Viewed the Most (and the Least!)
  • How Long Visitors Stay at Your Site
  • Even What Page They Exited on

You will always know how well your web site is working and what areas may need modification,

Keeping YOU in control!

Email or call us with your website address and we’ll review and call you with our initial assessment. In order to propose content or other changes, we’ll need to set up a no cost meeting to interview you and your company and learn about your business.



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