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The following checklist can reveal some reasons why a webviewer will

move on to your competition.


  • Is your competition’s website more effective than yours?
  • Have you added or changed any products or services and not updated your website?
  • Would photography or video improve your website by demonstrating your products or services making your website more competitive?
  • Do you have animation or flash on your homepage that slows loading time?
  • Are you difficult to find using search engines?
  • Has your Search Engine Optimization been updated in the last 6 months?
  • Is your homepage overloaded with so many images or information that it’s confusing and difficult to navigate?
  • Has your website been updated in 3 or more years?
  • How do you make new customers feel confident about spending their money?


Check out our Samples page to see some of our clients.

Email or call us with your website address and we’ll review and call you with our initial assessment. In order to propose content or other changes, we’ll need to set up a no cost meeting to interview you and your company and learn about your business.


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