This Should Help

This could be the most important peace of mind you can give to your family.

Personal Tragedy


If your time on this Earth came to an unexpected abrupt end, would your family members and/or loved ones know where to find your important documents?  Even though we don’t want to face the possibilities, bad things can happen . . . and they do!


Now you can have the benefits of an online safety deposit box service in the comfort of your own home.  With our service, you can create a secure document informing your beneficiary (be it a family member, a loved one, or a friend) where to locate your will, financial information, other important information, etc.  You can make changes, updates, or add new information at any time.


This service utilizes a complex questionnaire template to ascertain all of your vital information without collecting any personally identifying information that is shared with anyone.  Sound confusing?  The short & sweet version:  after answering the series of questions that will be asked of you (again, nothing personally identifiable will be included in the final report after you have answered all of the questions), in the event of your untimely demise, we will generate a hard copy of this report & send it to the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) of your choosing (said person (or persons) must be of the age of 18 or older). 


Our Privacy


This Should Help, LLC Privacy Statement:
This Should Help, LLC is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring you have a positive experience with our company. This policy outlines our personal information handling practices for both online and offline data. Any personal information given to us will be treated according to this policy.

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